D.T. and Wrigley relaxing by the fireplace.

D.T. and Wrigley relaxing by the fireplace.
Can't we all just get along?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Reason #9: Animals make great sleeping buddies!

Unfortunately, I am writing this post quite tired after getting one of the worst night's sleep I can remember!  Not only did the lovely hubby snore all night but we had a wild storm which encouraged my youngest to come into our bed during the night.  She is not toddler small anymore and has, as my husband likes to call it "the jimmy legs".  My ribcage is sore as well as my shins.  Pets on the other hand do not take up too much space, unless you have a 150 pound dog, but we do not.  Our 60 pounder usually sleeps in her bed on the floor, but if one of our cats saunters in for a wee cuddle, they usually stay at the foot of the bed keeping my toes toasty!  The cats also do naps in shifts, I found.  They like to cuddle for about 15 minutes and then move onto something else...hence, "cat nap".  They know their limit of snuggletime!  If I wanted to feel this badly, I could have just gone camping (which we do once a year) and slept on an air mattress, on an incline, in a tent with mosquitoes and humidity.  Can you tell I am crabby? :)

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