D.T. and Wrigley relaxing by the fireplace.

D.T. and Wrigley relaxing by the fireplace.
Can't we all just get along?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reason #13: Animals go with the flow.

School is out!!!  I am ready for the lazy mornings, not coming up with new and interesting cold lunches, not assisting with school projects and homework, being able to stay up late, catching fireflies, making s'mores, working in the garden, reading a book while at the pool, and catching up with friends.  However, some can not transition as well.  I have already heard friends complain that their kids are bored!  Bored?!  On the first day?!  I put those kiddos of mine right to work when they started doing the blank wander throughout the house.  "Here's a project.   Let's have you clean out your craft closet and get ready for vacation and the summer."  After a few deep sighs, they got into it and of course, so did our kitten.  Where there are new events going on, you can be sure to see one or all of our pets in the mix and checking out the activities...without complaining!

Timone is overseeing the

Don't throw out this cool binder!
This looks like a great hiding space!

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