D.T. and Wrigley relaxing by the fireplace.

D.T. and Wrigley relaxing by the fireplace.
Can't we all just get along?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Reason #16: People watching is just sometimes too painful.

People watching can be fun....if you are at a setting other than a theme/amusement park.  I just returned from an amazing vacation with my family.  We spent a few whirl wind days at Disney World followed by a week at Siesta Key for much needed rest, relaxation and beach bliss!  The Disney experience lived up to all of my expectations: magical, exciting, entertaining, crowded, and as my kids said, "so much fun".  We hit all four parks in three days and loved every minute except for some of the people watching.  It is a place, I found, that people's behavior can really surprise you.  With temperatures in the upper 90s and a heat index over 100 degrees, high humidity, minimal shade, tired toddlers, seniors in scooters, and long lines, well, let's just say, the animals at Animal Kingdom were better behaved.  We found Animal Kingdom to be awesome!!  Some call it a glorified zoo...this I can not understand.  If you are a big animal person, you will be in your glory.  I'll take the animal watching any day over some of the crazy people watching!

*to be respectful and avoid a lawsuit, I did not photograph faces, or photograph some of the less humorous images ie: foul language, meltdowns-by children and adults, physical abuse and inappropriate lack of clothing coverage)!! ;)

Majestic and mesmerizing! We were in total awe!

We were also in awe of the number of people
who wore jeans!  Did they not get the heat memo??

The Kilimanjaro Safari was a hit!

I have a new respect for Fruit Bats.
I could have watched them all day...so cool!

Not cool.

The Tree of Life.
Amazing carvings of different animals and bugs
as the trunk of the tree.

An example of how beautiful the carvings are!

Yeah, I don't know. It might be lightweight but
you still stick to it in 100 degree heat.

There are so many more beautiful images to share but will save them for another time! :)
People watching vs. animal watching?   I think the animals take this one!

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  1. This must be an international phenomenon! Love the animal pics. Now I want to go there!